Rights and Benefits of Membership

Regular Documents and Data

  • BOI monthly magazine (12/year)
  • BOI Monthly Investment Review (12/year)
  • IC - E Newsletter  every 2 months (6/year )
  • Updated announcements of revised conditions, regulations, procedures of the BOI and IC
    ( by e-mails)
  • Monthly notices of IC seminars and training programs.
  • List of promoted companies under the BOI

Participation in  all membership events and networking

  • Free admission to special keynote speakers (7/year)
  • Factory visits to modern and successful operations at special rates
  • Discounts of  10-40%   in seminars and trainings by IC
  • Special discounts for  In-house Training

Privileges to enjoy other IC services  

  • Discounts of 10 -15% on purchase of books from IC
  • Discount of 20% for use of computer room at IC
  • Discount of 5% for translation services of IC
  • Exercise voting rights at annual general meeting or being elected director of IC Board



        Interested parties can request for more information and details regarding this member
                  from IC  by contacting Membership relations dept. 12th  floor. Investor Club

                   Tel. 0 2936 1429 ต่อ 201-204  fax: 0 2936 1441-2 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.