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In House Training :Entitled "Preparation for International Trade and Incoterms'2010". 
On 7 February 2556

By the Association of Training (In House Training) for the company was Eiji Koh Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Rayong is a research and development company.
Design of electrical systems for automotive parts. By this time in training. Documentation for international trade and Incoterms'2010. By Vajra Piyapong honor of International Business Consulting. Medium Enterprise Development Bank. Small and Thailand to begin with. Knowledge of the documents relating to the proposed purchase price - sale. Financial documents (FINANCIAL DOCUMENT), the transport (TRANSPORT DOCUMENT) in the morning, the afternoon speakers to lecture about. The trade (COMMERCIAL DOCUMENT), the preparation of documents for opening Letter of Credit Bank (a document exporting countries to importing countries for Shipping Guarantee, Trust Receipt), the preparation of documents under Letter of Credit. (the process of making the inspection and rejection), the preparation of the procurement, implementation documentation about the bill (BILL FOR COLLECTION), Papers on OPEN ACCOUNT, documentation CASH IN ADVANCED to prepay. or buy foreign currency to pay for goods. The speaker invited the participants to ask questions and suggest a few tips on how to prepare the documents. To increase understanding and reduce the operating time is shortened.
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