Board of Directors of the Investor Club Association
1 Mr. Chakramon Phasukavanich President      
2 Mr. Chackchai Panichapat Adviser to the Board of Directors      
3 Mr. Pairot Sompouti Adviser to the Board of Directors  
4 Mr. Suraporn Simakulthorn Vice President      
5 Ms. Chutaporn Lambasara Vice President      
6 Ms. Sudjit Inthaiwong Vice President      
7 Mr. Apichart  Lee-Issaranukul  Director      
8 Ms. Anjali Jalichandra Director      
9 Ms. Rungsan Wongwongchu Director      
10 Ms. Thawat Yuwawithaya Director  and Information      
11 Mr. Sanin Triyanond Director  and Public Relations  
12 Ms. Suwaree Phatanavitayakul Director and Registrar      
13 Ms. Chitra Kulvanich Director and Treasurer    
14 Ms. Patchanok  Kornkamolpruek  Director and Secretary      
The main responsibilities are:        
1 Authorized to issue regulations for all members, and which shall not violate this provision
2 Hire, appoint and dismiss Club Employees
3 Hire and appoint an Advisory Committee, and Sub-Committees. The Committees shall exist no longer than the appointed term
4 Authorized to call for General Annual Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting
5 Hire and appoint other Committee members that are not stated in this provision
6 Empowered to carry out administrative works of the Club to facilitate fulfillment of Investor Club Objectives as stated in the provisions
7 Carry on overall business as well as oversee the financing and assets of the Club
8 Empowered to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting upon request initiated by not less than one-fifth of the total members indicating the intention to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting, the Meeting shall be held within 30 days from the date of receiving the letter by submitting a letter of intention
9 Responsible for accounts, financial and administrative documents which shall be accurate and conformed to well-known principles. Members have the right to question with said document and audit when requested
10 Responsible for documenting Meeting Minutes as a record which shall be sent to members for   acknowledgement
11 Perform any other duties as assigned by these provisions